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Snow Birds or Full Time Residents, Everyone will Appriciate a Well Maintained Look! 
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 Turf Maintenance
Weekly commercial lawn service visits performing all commercial landscape maintenance services mean that your property's turfgrass will always display a neat manicued look.
 Hedge Trimming
Regularly scheduled tree trimming keeps your landscaping looking well groomed and clean. 

 Palm Trimming
annual or bi-annual palm tree trimming will keep your palm trees free of dead fronds and prevent overgrowth of seed pods and the mess they can create.

Applying the right fertilizer for the time of year is very important.  We only use the best fertilizer with all the micro-nutrients for our landscaping.  We apply our fertilizer based on the area "BMP" schedule.  Fertilizer with herbicides are applied during the cooler months.
 Pest Control
PCL's pest control service is on the constant look out for pest infestations.  Our pest control service uses the most up to date methods for controlling white fly and other common pests.
PCL's commercial landscape maintenance programs include a monthly "wet check" of all irrigation on the property.  We also install and renovate irrigation systems.
Property Inspection
Upon each weekly commercial lawn service visit, your properties are inspected for clean and neat appearance.  Anything found out of the norm is reported and usually addressed in the same day.
Debris Removal
all landscape debris is removed from your properties following each weekly commercial landscape maintenance visit.
Parking Lot Clean up 
From trash to leaves, PCL can keep your parking lots clean and debris free.

  • Let PCL Customize a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Package tailored to fit your needs.
  • We offer all landscaping services necessary to keep your property looking its best! 
PCL's highly trained staff utilizes only the most beneficial and up to date maintenance practices through continuous education with the University of Florida.  This means your property's landscape will never be abused from weekly services. 

When an issue arises, avoid the "finger pointing" that occurs between multiple companies maintaining your property. With PCL providing all of your commercial landscape maintenance services, if a  problem does occur, one phone call gets your problem addressed and solved quickly without the hassle of multiple phone calls and meetings just to determine what the problem is and who is responsible for it.   Whether its Irrigation, Nutrition, Pests, Maintenance, or any other cause to a landscape issue, PCL saves you time and aggravation by solving small issues before they become big ones.
PCL Landscapes provides high end commercial landscape maintenance to Fort Myers, Naples, and all surrounding areas.  Keeping your Gated Community, commercial property, or Association looking full and healthy is our specialty!
PCL Maximize's Bloom Potential based on moisture, nutritional, & Phyto Requirements!
One of Many of PCL's Mowing Fleet
The Best Service Gives the Best Look.
No matter the time of year, PCL Keeps Your Property Looking its Best!
Weekly commercial landscape maintenance visits, properly applied fertilizer, regularly maintained irrigation is only part of the formula in making your property pop with color and beauty.
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