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Properly functioning irrigation systems are an Absolute Necessity for a healthy South West Florida Landscape.

Our unique environment brings us heavy rains during the Summer and near drought conditions in the Spring.  Spring is when your properties need their Irrigation systems and sprinklers the most.  

PCL's Monthly Irrigation Maintenance or "Wet Checks", ensure your irrigation systems are operating at their optimum level through out the year.  Problems like clogged nozzles, broken sprinklers, or over growth in the turf or landscaping are fixed before damage to the landscaping occurs.  

Neglecting your Irrigation Systems could lead to Stress and even Die off in your landscaping.  PCL can prevent this from ever happening!
This Van can Bring Relief to your Dry Landscape!
Whether you need a few sprinklers replaced or your properties need a complete overhaul of the irrigation systems, PCL Landscapes is licensed by the state to replace worn and damaged sprinklers or installing new srinkler systems and everything in between.   
PCL Landscapes employs a dedicated Full time Irrigation Division to keep your sprinkler systems running at peak performance, which keeps your property's thriving year round.

Whether your property is Commercial, a Single Family home, a Condominium, or an entire Community, PCL's Irrigation Specialists can offer a solution to your properties Irrigation needs.

PCL Specializes in:
  • Complete Irrigation Systems & Installation

  • Renovations

  • Monthly "Wet Checks"

  • Submersible Pumps 

  • Lake Feeds

  • Multi-Home Pump Systems

  • Water Fountains

  • Waterfalls

Let PCL Optimize your Multi-Pump Irrigation Systems!
Commercial Installation is one many Irrigation services provided by PCL Landscapes 
PCL will sync Multiple Clocks to ensure even watering throughout your entire Community!
To have successful landscaping in the southwest Florida area, you must have properly maintained sprinkler systems.  PCL designed sprinkler systems provide the most balanced water distribution you can add to your landscaping.  Properly placed sprinklers and the type of sprinklers used, is key to not over watering one area of your landscaping while under watering another area of landscaping.  PCL Landscapes designs or renovates sprinkler systems based on the landscaping plant material, amount of sunlight, grade of the property, and much much more.  Lawn Sprinklers that work well in one area, might not be so effective in another landscaping area.  Sprinkler systems should be as unique as the landscaping itself.  Call today to see how PCL Landscapes can help with your irrigation systems.   If you're in need of adding or moving some of your sprinklers to make your sprinkler system more efficient, or your looking to install or upgrade your sprinkler systems, PCL's knowledge in sprinklers and irrigation systems can make a very big difference in the health of your landscaping!  Call now, repairs to sprinklers or installation of complete sprinkler systems are more affordable than you think. 
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