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PCL Landscapes!   A Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company serving Fort Myers, Naples, and Southwest Florida since 1952.  We are located in both Fort Myers and Naples and provide commercial landscape maintenance and landscaping services in all the surrounding areas.  We offer Commercial Landscape Maintenance to Property Managers, HOA's, Gated Communities, and Commercial Properties. One of PCL's best attributes is providing commercial landscape maintenance packages to fit any associations budget throughout the Fort Myers and Naples areas.  We do provide several affordable landscaping services to individual home owners such as landscape design and installation, tree trimming, ground covers and everything in between.  PCL Landscapes provides commercial landscape maintenance to large scale properties throughout the Fort Myers and Naples areas, Commercial Lawn Service is about the only landscaping service we don't offer to individual home owners.   Whether you're in need of a complete landscaping overhaul or you just want to liven up your landscaping in both the Fort Myers and Naples areas, we would love to help.  We have all the resources and provide all commercial landscape maintenance services necessary to keep your property thriving.  If you have any landscaping questions or concerns about your properties, feel free to contact us for advice or to schedule a meeting to see how we can help in making your properties landscaping look its best throughout the year.
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If you have concerns about your landscape, feel free to call us or contact us via email through this website.  If PCL Landscapes maintains your community, you can create a service request through this website by clicking on the "contact us" tab or clicking the link below.  

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Looking Forward to Fall

Moving into the month of October, season change can be noticed throughout Southwest Florida.  Each day becoming shorter then the previous day.  Not only are day lengths in retreat, but the light intensity levels are as well.  Fall is approaching and soon we will be greeted with lower temperatures and humidity.  We begin to make more plans outdoors as the weather finally permits it without sweaty consequence or torrential rains.

The change in seasons also signifies a change in maintenance practices.  The growth rates of our landscapes are already beginning to transition to their cool weather growth rates.  As the cooler weather arrives in the month of October, the weekly mowing services transition to bi-weekly services.

The summers torrential rains have depleted the ground of most of it beneficial nutrients for our turf.  The BMP (Best Management Practice) fertilizer ban will expire after September 30th.  In the coming month, look for PCL Landscapes crews in your community applying much needed fertilizer. 


The fall season is also time to refresh the mulch in the landscape beds.  The long wet season as broken down the mulch in the the landscape.  Brighten up your landscape with fresh mulch.  Many associations have already began scheduling their mulch refreshers.  Is your property ready for new mulch?  Give us a call or contact us through this website to set up an appointment to get your mulch today!

Winter Annuals

Look for winter annuals being installed throughout the Fort Myers and Naples areas.  PCL Landscapes will be installing these very colorful seasonal additions to community entrances, clubhouses, even personal properties.  Call today for more information on these very affordable boosts of color for your landscape.
This is one of many Beautiful Bougainvillea displays in a PCL Maintained community.  PCL's commercial landscape maintenance practices ensure that you will many colorful displays throughout your community.
PCL Landscapes
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